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Bundesrepublik Europa

Head of state:
- President Éliane Daladier
- Chancellor Erwin Rommel
Politics: Liberal Social Nationalism.

Towards the end of may 1941 Europe held its breath. Hitler was dead along with most of his government and Germany was at war, not with an external power like Britain or Russia, but with itself. After the battles of Berlin and Charmes there could be no doubt that the military coup d'etat launched by Himmler had failed in its mission to secure the Reichstag for him.

It was no surprise that the armed resistance attempted by Erwin Rommel was imitated by units of Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and the elite Valkyries. He had gained great fame and admiration from those he lead through the first few years of the Second Great War.
As Heer units withdrew from Germany and towards Paris, where Rommel had set up his headquarters, they liberated many concentration camps. Though they had of course known something was happening, when they found out what it was their revolution only helped to fuel the fires of revenge.

As confusion finally began to dissipate as a frontline formed along the original Franco-German border, Rommel understood that without the support from the nations which he stilled controlled he could not hope to stop the Third Reich from retaking the ground he had freed.

Following a meeting with Éliane Daladier, former president of France, and Philippe Pétain, leader of the French State, in Paris it was decided that, by granting autonomy to France with the defence of the German military, they could form an alliance for mutual defence. The name if this alliance took some time to create, but after interest from the Belgian, Spanish and Irish governments the name European Republic, or Bundesrepublik Europa, was agreed upon.

It was not long after these terms were agreed upon that the French army began its phase of reconstruction. Supplied by new technology from escaped German engineers and a will to fight refreshed from their humiliation in 1939, the French army took to the field beside their new allies in late 1941.
Valhalla '42: Bundesrepublik Europa overview
A brief overview of the Bundesrepublik Europa from the Valhalla '42 alternate history. More details still to come.
Valhalla 42: Saxon mk iv Infantry Tank by Salamander7734
Valhalla 42: Saxon mk iv Infantry Tank
A screen shot of some British infantry alongside their Saxon mk iv from the Valhalla '42 Men of War mod. With its hull mounted 17pdr gun the Saxon is the most heavily armed tank in British service.
Kalmar Union by Salamander7734
Kalmar Union
A Swedish Thor tank (Based on a Hungarian Turan II, with a 76mm 17pdr gun in the turret and a new camo scheme.) Infantry are also mostly Hungarian as for some reason Hungarian and Swedish ww2 era uniforms are very similar.

One of the things I HAVE finished for the Valhalla '42 mod.
The battle of Charmes Valhalla '42 by Salamander7734
The battle of Charmes Valhalla '42
Since this whole 'lore' comes from an idea for a dieselpunk mod for Men of War: Assault Squad I thought I would screw around and make some screenshots in the half made mod. I am not really sure if I am ever going to finish it, though it might be fun. If people want to help out I might be more likely to. Also open to ideas!

The images are from the Battle of Charmes, between the Wehrmacht 7th 'Ghost Division' Panzer Division and the 2nd 'Das Riech' SS Panzer Division.
Valhalla '42 map (1942 Alternate History) by Salamander7734
Valhalla '42 map (1942 Alternate History)
An Alternate history I am going to use for some short stories. I thought I would put some fluff on here as well. Feel free to leave me ideas and questions in the comments.

European Timeline:
773 - Charles of Francia is defeated by Widukind at Flandria. The defeat is so massive that it ended all of the Frankish hopes of expansion to the north and east. As a result Asatru continued as a major religion in Germany and Scandinavia.

1200 - Orthodox christianity spreads to Russia via greece.

1234 - Reformation of Asatru church, high priest of Suabia becomes head of the Asatru church. Treaty signed to prevent holy wars between the catholic church and the Asatrians, holy wars continue with the orthodox church to the east

1937 - Hindenburg doesn't crash. Airship development continues.

1941 May 14th - Hitler is killed along with most of his government by an explosive device from an unknown source.

1941 May 15th - Himmler begins to marshall the SS in a military coup to try and take control of the Third Reich. Confusion follows, especially in the capital, as SS Storm Troopers begin to disarm reservist units. Information given to the Wehrmacht is limited.

1941 May 18th-19th - Erwin Rommel, fearing that the atrocities that he had so long protested over would become worse, gathers his HQ staff in Berlin and attempts a surprise assassination on Himmler. Though the attempt fails it sparks the Battle of Berlin, which turns the confusion of the last few days into outright violence as the SS open fire on remaining Wehrmacht and Reservist forces. Though the Wehrmacht and Reservists are slaughtered they manage to get the message out to Wehrmacht outside Berlin of what has happened. Rommel manages to escape heading for Paris.

1941 May 20th - With information about the Battle of Berlin leaking out Wehrmacht units begin to mutiny. Pretty soon France is under the control of the Wehrmacht, with all SS forces ordered to surrender. Running battles break out in France.

1941 May 21st - The Wehrmacht 7th Panzer Divison engage the SS 2nd Panzer Divison 'Das Riech' as it attempts to force its way east back into Germany. Within 48 hours Das Riech is wiped out, though the Wehrmacht's famous and proud 'Ghost Division' takes heavy casualties. This full on engagement sparks the beginning of all out war between German forces in Germany and France.

1941 May 23rd - Government in France voices its support of the Wehrmacht.

Later 1941 - Erwin Rommel takes command of Wehrmacht forces in France and North Africa. Though other units swear their loyalty to him they are repulsed from the territory they occupied by SS and Volksgrenadier units loyal to Berlin and Himmler. The Bundesrepublic Europa is founded with its capital in Paris. Spain and Ireland soon join the Bundesrepublik. French military units are soon reinstated. With a revitalised military and a weakened Germany, Sweden begins its attempt to liberate its Nordic brothers with help from the United Kingdom. Thus begins the new Kalmar Union.

More timelines and explanation to come, I just thought I would give a brief explanation of part of it.


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